Bone To Pick

This is off, off topic but I really believe our affection and interest in these topics is way overblown and gives the press uneeded cover on this non-news.

The press has gone bonkers over the cast of New Jersey Shores and their tanning habits as the Gulf, near the shores of Louisianna and close by, gets devistated by an oil spill and we are faced with a changing (hotter) climate. We are also faced with reporting on which celebrity might show up for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and a barage of pro-BP ads that tout all of the good things that company is doing down in the Gulf of Mexico…are you buying that???
This is insanity but this is happening right now!!!!

I have yet to hear NJ or Clinton mentioned yet by a friend or an aquaitence and cable news has babbled on endlessly about the cast of NJ Shore and about C. Clinton’s celebrity list.


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