Russia? The Same Scenario Can Happen In The US

We just have to look to Russia, where masks and stinging eyes are on display and wildfires are raging out of control, to see what the future holds for the Rocky Mountain West. We have ecosystems, entire mountain ranges, of beetle killed (drying out) pines just awaiting the right circumstance to burn out of control. Temperatures have potential to be very hot and this will ignite fires. We have triple digit heat now in the US, just ask the folks in Mississippi and Arkansas. We have a warming climate and the fires in Russia are a sign of our future. We have some ways to dampen this but our choice is to let our obsession with fossil fuels, celebrity and short term gratification win the day. I am not pulling a chicken little “sky is falling” scenario. The potential for this to happen is out there now. Lets hope conditions for this do not come together.


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