The Wolverine Way Is A Good Read

I am reading Doug Chadwicks latest book, The Wolverine Way, and what a joy. It takes place near where I saw my first wolverine. My skiing days are over but I can read about the wolverine research efforts based in winter in Glacier National Park in Montana.

Wolverine will readilly scavenge on a carcass. A large carcass in Glacier might be of a moose or elk. They will eat grouse-in Glacier we are talking Spruce, Roughed or Dusky. White-tailed Ptarmigan, Red Squirrel and the Varying Hare are on this animal’s menu. Vole species, any time of the year.

For summer food add Columbian Ground Squirrel, Golden Manteled Ground Squirrel and Hoary Marmot to the wolverine’s venue; whatever they can catch, I am going to guess.
I have watched them hunt Willow Ptarmigan in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

I actually met Chadwick, first about 30 years ago when he was doing an advanced thesis on Mountain Goats and I was working on grizzly Bears, both near Glacier. Chadwick and I did work on a wolverine and fisher study, both in a voluntary fashion. Chadwick’s Wolverine Way is about a modern day wolverine study that has many technologies that show how active wolverines are and how large an area they cover, especially male wolverines. Chadwick says there may be 500 wolverines left in the contiguous 48 states that live in what he calls “meta populations”, that center around very snowy areas and I will add peopless areas. I will add to Chadwicks comprehensive treaty on the wolverine that based on my sightings of 10 wolverine and numerous wolverine tracks and I am still impressed with their agility in dicey terrain.

I am not finished with what is turning out to be a good book and easy read, but like all of Chadwick’s books I already say thumbs up!!!!


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