More BP Ads and Global Change Types; What Type Are You?

If the BP ads about how they are going to clean up oil on the Gulf Coast are meant to irritate, well, mission accomplished. BP needs to just shut up and clean the oil now…I see that as hard and the process will be complicated and long…there is all this talk about disappearing oil..well thats what it is TALK and more TALK!!!

On another topic I see, every day, three types of believers and nonbelievers in global climate change venues.

There are true believers like myself, these persons see us as near a tipping point which means no matter what we do to mitigate global climate change the negative impacts of climate change will happen…it gets down to how hard we want to fall…an Al Gore-ism that rings true to me. Then there is a group I call the friendlies…global climate change is a possibility to them but it has not caused enough of an impact for them to implement change, yet. Then there is a third type, of person who thinks global warming is not a reality and will not be a believer unless climate change hits them right between the eyes…I am not ready to give up on these nonbelievers are you?


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