My Blast, A Reaction To A Mountain Full Of Goofy News

While we try to put the Gulf back together the way the fable has Humpty Dumpty put back together there is still a changing climate out there and a public that still resists doing what has to be done and following the likes of Inhoffe over the cliff of life…I cannot even imagine that but it looks more and more to be true or hopefully I am just a curmudgeon who likes to overeact to things like climate change…however when I read that ice islands, 4 times the size of Mannhatten break off of Greenland I have to wonder if I am right and our climate is truely warming up…you know I want to write about grizzlies in Yellowstone or Crowned Cranes in Arusha National Park but I find it hard to write about those things that I find so fascinating when the world I know and love is falling to pieces as I write this post because of a changing climate. Skeptics of that be dammed..I hate to refer to my children as dogs but as they say I’ve also “got dawgs in this hunt'” so this hunt becomes a priority for me at a time when I feel my bucket list tugging and I do not think the world will miss my opinion as I slip into oblivia…gosh darn, what it is to care about a planet that has done a good job in fascinating the hell out of me since I was a child…and right now I wonder what a world will be like in the future for my children as the climate changes, a turning worm, a real “turd blossem” so much more important than many celebrities next breath…I have never followed anyone over any cliff and have NO intention of starting now…so those few of you out there I will write this and focus on a changing climate until I can no longer write…dig in.


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