Top 10 Archytypal…Non Bird and Bear… Sites For Me

This was an idea I would like to blame on a nephew who posted an archetypal picture, or a beach towel picture, depending on your perspective. Nephew I thought the music was marginal, but I loved the picture that went with it.

Out of respect for a cousin who is also a bear woman…her and Louisa should get together, I am going to list ten archytybal places I have seen.

I really streched my mind for good bear stories. Good is not how you can characterise my bear stories, any of them. Out of just plane old “Mattisms” I decided not to include moments that were architypal in wich I saw birds…suffice it to say that would be an easy task for me.

I actually had to think non bear and bird moments that struck a chord with me…are you ready? No drum roll:

-the end of land.(figure of speach) in Kodiak Island, Alaska.

-the first time I saw tundra in the arctic, or short grass plains or great ocean scapes-a lot of open space and no habitation or ships for that matter.

-My first view of Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park.

-My first view of Siler’s Bald in Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

-Barring Creek in Glacier National Park, Montana.

-The Hayden Valley in Yellowstone National Park

-The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park

-Old Harbor, Alaska (sure beautiful)

-The top of Mount Magiek Volcano in Alaska

-a view from a perfectly still Mirror Lake of a perfectly clear Mount Mckinley in interior Alaska.



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