Archetypal Trips In Warm Places; No Bears and Some Trips Did Not Feature Birds At All

I thought about the many non bird and bear archetypal things I have done in the great outside and it has not only happened in cooler temperare climates but it has happened in many warm climates; some of the greatest trips I remember, happened in places like Costa Rica, Africa, Texas, Arizona and Florida.

I read Peter Matheson’s three books, on the Florida “Bloody Watson” lore. To say the least I thought that was a fascinating piece of Americana.

I cannoed down in the Ten Thousand Islands of Southwest Florida in Everglades National Park with a friend from Canmore, Alberta, his son and his son’s friend. We cannoed to the old Watson Homestead over the top of a Spotted Eagle Ray that almost capsized our lead canoe and we stayed there and explored that island and several other Islands for ancient dump sites until biting flies chased us off of Watson’s Island, but not before we collected (legally) Horse Welk Shells that I later displayed in a South Florida Nature Center…what a neat trip that was.


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