A Changing Climate On The News…Thank Goodness

I was watching the news shows this morning and on were two long pieces about global warming. According to the shows the main human detractor of global warming was our (human) increasing carbon in the air. No one disagreed with this point.

One of the pundits did oppose a carbon tax because he felt this was not the time for any tax. There never is a time for taxes as far as this pundit was concerned. This man felt that we had to use dirty fuels now because we didnt have the technologies for clean fuels now…he did get arguments on that, even from the host. He thought coal was our future and this drew criticism from the other panelists. This man acknowledged that he got the majority of his funding from fossil fuel energy companies. Even though I heard things that increased my impatience to see the US mitigate glpbal climate change. I was thrilled to see both shows and comprehensive reporting on global climate change. What prompted the shows was the spate of warmth and unpredictable weather on the globe these days.

I can say goodbye to brown bears and some other fauna, including birds I love, but the earth has potential to keep on ticking; so do humans. I also got that some of the best work coming out now on climate change is coming from Nasa. I also got that rising seas (up to 1 meter) would change the shorescapes we grew up with during this century whil requring the majority of humans to move.

What I found interesting was that left-leaning economists on the panel thought that changes to our planet that could be attributed to global climate change, like changes in plant growth distribution had the potential to really lead us (humans) down a climate change path that we as a species could not adapt to…I have noticed that economists are the most reactive on most things global warming so our society should pay close attention to global climat change.


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