Two Different Trips To See Iconic Tracks Near A Carcass…Dangerous In The Early Spring

I remember once in 1976 seeing a wolf track at Mud Lake in the North Fork of the Flathead Montana (we were in a nowhere chunk of northwestern, Montana). Needless to say I was thrilled…that same year in early spring/winter, about a mile from were the wolf track was seen, I saw my first lynx track…I was thrilled again…about a mile away from there I saw wolverine tracks galloping in a staight line towards something…I figured a carcass was nearby so I followed the wolverine tracks on grainy snow until I saw two huge grizzly bear tracks on top of the wolverine tracks and I snuck back and made the long haul, in the snow along the North Fork road and thirty miles of hard snowshoeing and snowcamping (what a way to spend a couple of nice days in spring)…on graney snow, to avoid the large and hungry bear (time of year) and just plain not wanting to spook a grizzly bear on a carcass. I was using modified Bearpaw snowshoes. The lynx and wolverine tracks were a real thrill I recall. The early grizz tracks on grainy snow were also a thrill, but a scary thrill.

About 30 years ago I recall making a trip mid-winter to the east side of Glacier National Park. I was in a place called Risng Sun, near a very frozen Otokomie Creek and I ran into both lynx and wolverine tracks and it seemed too early and cold for bears but I did not want to take any chances…I recall it was cold, cold, cold and windy!!!!

What prompted these memories about these trips was Doug Chadwick’s book, The Wolverine Way.

Chadwick had some hard cross country skiing in wolverine country, up in Many Glacier.

If anyone can pull this off at the age of 60 it is going to be the very rugged Duglas Chadwick.


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