Gulf Coast Oil Spill Disastor Summary

From the good folks at NRDC.
This morning’s summary
We all need some patience right now. The day the BP oil well can be permanently declared dead has been pushed back to late August so BP can devise plans to reduce risks during the final well-killing procedure. To mitigate any potential trouble, National Incident Coordinator Thad Allen said BP’s experts need more time to analyze two options for dealing with a rise in pressure in the well and to make sure the procedure will be 100 percent correct. Meanwhile, a federal appeals court is delaying a hearing on whether to lift the oil drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico because the appeals judges need more time to study the issue. The Daily Beast is reporting Tuesday in an exclusive that fishermen involved in the Gulf cleanup are being told not to report tar balls they may be finding. And a new study shows there is still oil on the Gulf floor despite assertions by the government and BP that most oil in the Gulf has disappeared.

Quotable quote:
“There’s nobody that wants to have this happen any quicker than I do, but there’s nobody that wants to incur more risk to this operation. When we finish this thing, this will be a stake in the heart of this well, and that’s my overall intention” – National Incident Commander Thad Allen.

National News

Los Angeles: A waiting game to plug oil well

The day the BP oil well can be permanently declared dead has been pushed back to late August so experts can devise plans to reduce risks during the final well-killing procedure.

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Los Angeles Times: Final well-killing procedure is pushed back,0,1628138.story

Daily Beast: BP’s oil cover-up
While officials claim most of the oil from America’s worst-ever spill has disappeared, fishermen hired by BP are still finding tar balls—and being instructed to hide their discoveries, a Daily Beast exclusive reports. One fisherman was told by a BP contractor: “No reporting of oil or tar balls anymore. Don’t put on report. We’re here for boom removal only.”

Read more:$n&om_mid=_BManyxB8So2LpD&

ABC News: Appeals court postpones hearing on drilling ban

First there was the President’s drilling ban which was struck down by a federal judge. Then the Interior Secretary imposed a second ban. The appeal on the first one will not be heard until the appeals court judges sort out the legalities of them both. A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday that they can’t rule on the original moratorium without knowing more about the second one. A hearing scheduled for Sept. 1 will be delayed.

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CNN: Oil found on Gulf floor

Oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill may have settled to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico further east than previously suspected and at levels toxic to marine life, researchers reported Monday. The full report is expected to be released Tuesday.

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Politics Daily: Poll: Support for drilling ban drops in Florida

A new poll in Florida shows that fewer and fewer residents support a ban on offshore drilling. The new poll shows 49 percent oppose a ban while 41 percent support one. In May, voters had split at 44 percent each on the question. In the Panhandle, where oil washed up on the beaches in June, 36 percent of voters support a ban – down from 52 percent in May.

Read more from Bruce Drake Gulf spill sinks as hot news item

The Pew Research Center says that in its survey over the past week, the Gulf oil spill has slid lower as a hot news topic for the public as the midterm elections get closer. That marked the first time since the crisis began in late April that it had not been among the top three news topics in a given week.

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Times Picayune: Obama gets good grades on oil spill response

The final grade for the Obama administration’s handling of the Gulf oil spill is still out, but the reviews are getting better on the ground than they were at the outset of the disaster. The administration generally gets credit for persuading BP to establish the $20 billion claims fund. It’s been criticized by local officials for giving confusing directives, imposing too many bureaucratic obstacles and imposing the deepwater ban.

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Wall Street Journal: Safety warning issued on another rig

A few months before the Deepwater Horizon disaster, there was a close call on another rig owned by Transocean prompting the company to issue a “stern safety warning” on April 5, two weeks before the rig blew.

Read more from Ben Casselman

US News: Odd photos depict Obama trip to Gulf coast

As it turns out, as with everything else, the photos released by the White House of the Obama family trip to the Gulf last weekend is causing controversy in Gulf circles and political circles—one pictures of Obama and Sasha in waters not clearly identified as the Gulf….the other picture is of the President holding the First Lady’s hand on a railing. People in the Gulf are crying foul—where are the pictures of the clean beaches?

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Christian Science Monitor: Are scam artists posing as fishermen to rip off BP?

BP is investigating reports that its claims process, where thousands of business owners affected by the oil spill have applied for damages, has been the target of scam artists.

Read more from Mark Guarino

Chron: BP sends Texas check in full for cleanup

BP sent nearly $175,000 to the state of Texas to cover the cost of the state cleanup of tar balls from oil washed up on a Galveston beach over the July 4 weekend.

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Palm Beach Post: $3 million in recovery grant for mental health care in Florida

Florida mental health care providers will get $3 million of the $52 million that BP pledged to state and federal agencies Monday to provide behavioral and substance abuse services to residents along the Gulf Coast.

Read more from Christine Stapleton Study: BP oil spill takes heavy toll on Gulf mental health

About 30 percent of Gulf Coast residents are suffering from mental-health issues in the aftermath of the BP oil spill, according to a study by the nonprofit Ochsner Health System in Louisiana.

Read more from Nicole Dow

Also see
Florida AP: BP gives $15 million to Louisiana for mental health care Patients treated for oil-related conditions rise

At least 174 people have gone to local emergency rooms, clinics and urgent care centers since May 14 complaining of ailments thought to be related to the oil spill, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Read more from Cassandra Andrews

Philadelphia Inquirer: What will gobble the spilled oil?

What will eat the oil first? If it’s the microbes, life is good. If it’s the fish, disaster. According to this account. “Ideally, microbes will win, transforming the oil into less toxic substances. If, on the other hand, fish or crustaceans or other organisms absorb it, the oil could spread through the food chain.

Read more from Faye Flam


Politics Daily: What Obama’s Gulf of Mexico swim accomplished

This is a roundup of opinion on what the President’s “swim” meant over the weekend. From—it was a great boost for the Gulf—to it was unconvincing—the opinion pages weigh in.

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New York Times: Questions linger as shrimp season opens in Gulf

Monday was the day the shrimp season reopened in the Gulf of Mexico. The locals say there were more questions than boats on the water—questions about whether the multi-billion dollar industry can recover as consumer confidence in Gulf coast seafood has dropped.

Read more from Shaila Dewan

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CBS News: Shrimpers launch Gulf season with oily unease;cbsCarousel



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  1. Bottom’s up: Gulf Environment Tsar has head down researching costs | Slick Economist Says:

    […] state-specific and regional committees. Mabus’ Mississippi colleagues have appointed a Gulf Coast Recovery Panel with 34 members, which will submit its plan to Mabus in due […]

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    Nothing at all better than a fishing joke. My step father just shared this joke with me: Fishing rules:Fishing rule #1: The least experienced fisherman always catches the biggest fish. Fishing rule #2: The worse your line is tangled, the better is the fishing around you. Fishing rule #3: Fishing will do a lot for a man but it won’t make him truthful.

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