More On Bearproof Dumpsters

Yellowstone National Park and attractions within the park have pretty much done a good job bear proofing dumpsters for many years. Communities around the park (all small) can still use dumpsters. Black bears are found throughout the Yellowstone ecosystem…grizzly bears are found in almost as many communities throughout the Yellowstone Ecosystem. But I know there are rural communities which bears can enter do not have bearproof dumpsters but have the bears. I find it easy to say that these communities should buckle down and buy the dumpsters but there are so many things to spend limited funds on. I think what the NRDC, Northern Rockies is doing is a great thing for bear conservation and I really hope that those of you who are really careful about what to spend rare conservation dollars on will consider this initiative…sometimes the things that seem so straightforward work out the best…this is one of those things. To learn how to help look at the NRDC Northern Rockies website.


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