Listing Wolverine, Grizzlies and Lynx in the Lower 48 States

The Yellowstone subpopulation of grizzly bears, a subset of brown bears, was listed as Threatoned. These population numbers I see today are still small meta populations that can become highly endangered by one natural act.These bears are limited in their dispersal by such artifacts of our use such as the interstate highway system.

I thought from the field sign, I almost never saw while working in habitats where you expected to see an occasional animal, that the wolverine was a species that was highly Endangered in the contigsuous 48 states. I finally saw wolverine’s outside of Glacier National Park, Northern Canada and Alaska, in a small conclave (now meta population) of wolverines near Yellowstone National Park in the Madison Range of mountains.

After reading research by Copeland, Yates and Inman I would say that my guess bore out…the wolverine is a highly Endangered species in the lower 48 states and is the perfect candidate for listing in spite of what the US Fish and Wildlife Service said under the Bush Administration. Those travesties need to be corrected…that is listing for the wolverine and grizzly of the lower 48 states. Where is` the listing of the Canada Lynx in the lower 48 states these days????


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