The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Scope Of The Disastor Needs To Be Looked At

I was actually flipping channels to watch pre-season football and I stalled on C-Span talking about Gulf Coast impacts from an oceanographical level and I was taken back and watched the entire pragram. They (on the program) did not say anything that I did not know but these things struck me…the oceanographer, from the Gulf Coast, said that we needed to study impacts on economically important species like shrimp and oyster, species of concern like Bluefin Tuna, but we also need to look at oil impacts on many fronts as I write this from an oil spill that is 10 times the size of the Exxon-Valdez oil spill….his bottom line is that this mode of research WILL take time. I have always (from day 1) felt that way. So lets settle down and lets not let BP off of the hook. Also it might take a few years to understand how much hydrecarbons were released by this oil spill and what are the impacts of that release.

My sense is that it helps BP and unfortunately our Federal Government want to minimize the damage the damage of this disasterous oil spill to the Gulf of Mexico but we need to take a realistic time to measure the potential awful impacts of this oil on the Gulf of Mexico.


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