Wrestling A Bear…Dumb Idea and Greed Come Together

The more I think about it the more frusterated I get but the National News just had a piece about a 400 pound (de-clawed and de-toothed) black bear that lived in a yahoos backyard and killed a kid who paid the yahoo to wrestle the bear.

First let me say I dislike people who keep brown bears, for any reason, in captivity. I also dislike persons who habituate bear’s for circus acts, and I dislike, very much people who keep bears in bear farms (this I find vile)…what a cruelty. So it is no surprize that I very much dislike the idea of keeping a bear in your backyard in an exclosure you should not keep a bear in in the first place.

To be short I think we need laws that make it illegal to wrestle any bears. Just as equally I do not think it should be legal to keep any animalthat has a wild counterpart as a pet.

I think the guy who had this bear and was responsable for letting the kid wrestle the bear should be thrown in jail as a dagerous man with a lot of greed or no common sense…the only thing for this type of person that comes to mind is that he is a bufoon or yahoo.

I have seen 100 pound female black bears and they were strong and with their claws they almost nailed me. I would not wish that bear (in this case wild bear) on anyone. Imagine a 4-1,000 pound bear…even without it’s claws and teeth.


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