Energy Policy and Frusterations and Early

It is to early to be frusterated, but hear I am, frusterated. There were two economists already on National cable news and they said that it is amazing that the US does not have an energy policy and they both see the country adrift, floating from one problem to another; they used the gulf coast as their example.

There is a spate of ads on T.V. about how if we tax energy now we will kill jobs…its obscene and how we as a country stay addicted to dirty fuels and what the oil and coal industry are in danger of losing money…they are greedy to a fault, these are not patriotic companies and they would like nothing better than to see us addicted to their dirty fuels at the expense of our survival…yes it is way to early to be this frustrated. On some fronts not even a disability can change frusteration…”oh God Forbid”another BP commercial paid for, hook, line and sinker by BP. Do you feel like a grouper…thats what the B.P.’s of the world would like.


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