Areas You Should See Soon If You Can

I have seen areas that are in Montana’s Glacier National Park…Some neat places that you should see if you can-soon are featured in Doug Chadwick’s book, The Wolverine Way…these include Barring Creek and areas around Sperry Glacier, up and down, but pretty easy areas to hike into (bring your bear spray).

Another area you should see is the Trout Creek area of the Hayden Valley of Yellowstone National Park. This area is best observed at an overlook of the Yellowstone River. I would go there on the first week of June when grizzlies come out at near dak to hunt elk calves.

Harder to get to is the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes in Katmai National Park. It is very weird to be in a volcano ravaged area and to see a large brown bear track going from a place called the Brooks River, a salmon feeding area to the Katmai River delta, where bears feed on razor clams. Another area I found remarkable to look at was the Serengheti National Park, a grassland in Eastern Africa that makes one forget Africa’s has real bad poverty and makes one think wildlands are endless (talk about contradictions).

Go see these areas if you can and before climate change alters these landscapes forever.

Of course places like New York City and Paris France are iconic but my experiance with those kind of places is limited…and my viewpoint of those areas is not a good one.

I can say that the places that I recommend are very special;especially to a person hopelessly lost to the natural world for a very long time; like me.


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