Jeff Corwin on the Plumming in the Gulf

I sit here and type in this post, check my email and workout trying to lose weight at a nearby gym. Being disabled and my age makes that an uphill battle, my feeling is that this loss of weight would be an uphill battle anyway.

I liston to the news as I type on the computer so by default I hear way to much news on a daily basis. I can say outright that I used to have a non opinion about T.V. biologist, Jeff Corwin. That opinion has improved vastly with his reporting of ecological impacts from the disasterous oil spill. Today Corwin took on the subject of marsh plumming impacts that were unfortunately changing the ecology of the gulf…I see the flow of water heavily impacting the gulf…so does Corwin, but I think people will focus on this tidbit that Corwin spouted out. The gulf marshes are used by 90 per cent of the life forms that use the gulf. This sounds important because it is common sense that how goes the ecology of the marsh will go the ecology of critters that use the marsh.

Hard hitting reporting lost in the Corwin description of how the plumming impacts the marsh will be lost on most folks but I will give Corwin a gold star for trying to explain a tough and complex topic…

Corwin does his best to be a journalist and conscisely explain marsh plumming but his background as a biologist shows up as he explains such complexities.


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