Predator Conservation and YtoY

The best concept that I have seen for protecting large wild carnivpres is the concept of Yellowstone to Yukom Conservation Strategy (YtoY). Glad to say I had a lot of involvement in its formation as an organization.

I think in its outer limits, for predators we have to conserve lands on the scale envisioned in the Y2Y project (a lot of land already protected).

We can quibble over the size of the connections that are needed between protected clusters. My advise is that the predators, themselves, will tell us and that is why we need more longterm research so that predators can tell us what it takes and how often and if what is effective to get a predator genetic infusion to that predator from another population of the same kinds of critters.

A good example can be found reading, Chadwicks, the Wolverine Way. Just how much and how often and where do wolverines outside of Glacier National Park come into the park and make park wolverines hardy for the longterm…wolverines have to be hardy because sometimes on a daily basis they compete with grizzly’s, black bears, wolves and mountain lions for food they also have to navigate roads, snowmobiles, powder skiiers, for survivability and such things as a low birth rate and a huge territory are biological artifacts for an animal that needs a Y2Y size area to exsist over the long haul.
My questions are how many YtoY areas are there left in the world. I can see this concebt all over the world. Just in our part of the world this concept has potential in Coastal British Columbia, the Appalacian Chain and Boreal Canada.

My uestion is there political will to accomplish thi type of conservation, how will climate change impact this strategy and what kind of connections are neded to make such a strategy viable…I say wishful thinking but wishful thinkers can still make lemons into lemonade.


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