Sitting Down Is a Good Strategy For Wildlife Viewing.

I have seen some of my best things just sitting there…here are some examples. First I can say that the vast majority of good wildlife film clips that I have seen require quantitiess of sitting or a lot of luck.

The best raptor watching I have seen by far was sitting at a hawkwatch site in a camping chair and watching a lot of birds fly right over my head…Once I was sitting under a Sitka Spruce on Afognak Island in Alaska and I twisted on a mouse call to get a better look at a Varied Thrush, instead I called in a 600 pound brown bear. I was just plain lucky because the bear, grunting, ran right past me.

One of my favorite fishing holes downn in Florida was from a little used bridge that ran over a canal on the road from Boca Raton to the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. I used to lean on the rail of the bridge and fish and watch wildlife. I caught Talapia and occasional Horned Pout Catfish in the shade under the bridge. In the sun near the bridge I would catch Peacock Bass and sunfish. On the bank I saw wild feral pigs, Indigo snake and alligator. In the sky, during migration, I would watch Short tailed Hawks glide with Turkey Vulture Flocks, stalkind birds on the ground, that had no notion the hawks were gliding with the vultures.

Once I was napping under a Sub Alpine Fir in Cub Creek, South of Missoula, Montana and a pygmy owl roosted on a branch, 4 feet away and watched me sitting there.

You see a lot just sitting down but I have learned you have to know what your looking for.


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