The Gulf of Mexico and Birds…More!!!!!

Two observations before I get started on this mornings post. I can see snow on the peaks arond here…yes it is still August but we have snow…the other observation is about Hurricane Earl…as most already know I have immediate relatives in coastal Carolina where Earl is going to be a wind event (or so it is thought) but they live close enough to the coast where those winds might be over 100 mph…thats a lot so I can only hope for common sense on their part and lots of luck to them.

Last evening I posted about the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster and its impacts on birds…I got the post from one of my favorite sites, NRDC’s WeLoveBirds site. I think it will be awhile before we will know the impacts of the oil spill on birds…I have birded parts of the gulf and I can attest to the importance, and pivitol nature of the gulf to birds…my guess is there will be impacts on those birds.

I found some of my best birding along the gulf and I have birded it 4 times.

Some memories: I remember at least 4 songbird “fall outs” along the gulf.Two of them were just to the west of the oil spill.

I saw Snowy Plovers on the gulf…on what would be termed a sand flat.

I birded Dauphin Island twice and it was some of the best birding I remember.

Ive been down to Aransis twice and if the oil disastor flows that way it might impact the remaining whoopers.

I saw Yellow and Clapper Rails in salt marshes right on the gulf.

I saw skimmers, brown pelicans and Laughing Gulls nesting on barrier islsnds in the gulf…need I write more about the gulf cost’s importance to birds…it is from my viewpoint.


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  1. Business 2 Business Says:

    Oh, it seems a danger is coming next few hours.

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