Backyard Birds

Their are many birds in my back yard…here are some species.

There are two Common Raven families. Each family has two young who are bigger than their parents and noisy, especially when it comes to food. There is a flock of bold House Sparrows, Weaver Finches, and they are bold and noisy. Another is the starling, another raucus bird. Speaking of raucus there are a lot of Common Crows out back. They stop as they go off to feed. Black billed Magpies are noisy and common out behind where I live. The American Robin is not noisy but it is common and eats a lot of berries (not sure what kind).

Less common are the very colorful goldfinches and colorful House Finches. These birds are more colorful before they have young and the males really are bright during the peak breeding season. Other birds around here (a few) are Yellow Warblers, Common Yellowthroats, Song and Savanah Sparrows.

In the shrubs following a vernal creek in the meadow behind here are Macgillvaries, Orange crowned and Yellow rumped Warblers.

Occasionally a Northern Flicker or Downy Woodpecker will visit the exotic trees (not sure what kind) below my windows.

Large flocks of blackbirds, mostly common grackles, are begining to stage in the meadow out back.

Just an observation…There is a communal garden out back and one of the gardens has a Budhest Prayer Flag fence, fashioned around it.


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