Letterman Promotes Bill Mckibbon’s Book, Eaarth, On His Show Tonight

Well it is so nice to see that David Letterman wants to publicise the impacts of global climate change. Letterman’s 2nd guest (Tonight) is Bill Mckibbon, who has a new book out on climate change entitled, Eaarth (with 2 a’s).

They had a wide ranging discourse on climate change and 2 things struck me…first of all that was the first time I have seen Bill Mckibbon and he was an older man than I thought he was (great). I had no idea that he was a professor at Middlebury college up in Vermont. I like Mckibbon’s writing no matter. The other thing I observed was that Bill Mckibbon was more of an optimist about global climate change than David Letterman was. Egads!!!


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