eaarth, By Bill Mckibben, So Far…So Good

I am reading,eaarth, by Bill Mckibben, journalest and professor at Middleburry College in Vermont. Mckibben is an icon in the global warming field and he writes that most global warming scenarios have moved up in time…like melting ice, methane gas leakage (real bad for lifeforms).

Mckibben writes that there is no way to reverse much of the damage and we (humanity) will not “wake up to the planet we used to know”. There is so much more for me to read and I will report the entire book, as I read it, to my readers…so check back here for that.

For all global climate change wonks before you run out and by this book look for my thumbs up to do so. Today Tim Flannerie’s, The Weathermakers and Tom Friedman’s, Hot, Flat and Crowded are the two best books I have read on global climate change. Anything, on global climate change, that Lester Brown writes is good also. As far as I am concerned, Al Gore is an icon on global climate change also, but like Hansen, another icon, his writing can be dry…

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