Great Photo Of A Grizzly Bear

I have to comment on the NRDC of the Northern Rockies winner of their photo contest, a photo from what looks like late April in Yellowstone National Park. We used to call animals like the bison in the photograph “walking dead” like the one being chased on a road by a large, dark grizzly bear.

I saw several photo’s of this same bear runnig along the Yellowstone road this late spring taken by a local wildlife photographer.

This is a scary, but real photo, and I couldnt help but think of a human (my friend) being chased (you cannot outrun any healthy bear) by this same bear along the road in Yellowstone. I have heard stories like this and I have seen this, I even had some`personal experiance, with polar bears on a road up near Churchill, Manitoba and it is an ultra-scary experiance.

The photo, by NRDC of the Northern Rockies, is indeed scary, but a rare and good one so kudus to the photographer and I assume he/she was safe and surrounded by an automobile when they shot this photograph or NRDC would not put the photo up.


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