Mckibben’s New Book On Climate Change, eaarth, A Review

Chapter 2 in the Bill Mckibben book entitled,eaarth, goes from page 47 to page 101 and is entititled High Tide.

The first chapter of the book focused on the well chronicled maladies of global warming such as melting ice fields, in places like Greenland and and methane gas leakege in the arctic.

The chapter, High Tide, focuses on making the link between the economy, disease and phsycology to global climate change. Mckibben ends the chapter writing that: “We’ve turned our sweet planet into eaarth, which is not as nice. We’re moving in a world from where we push nature around to a world that pushes back-and with far more power. But we’ve still got to live on that world, so we better start figuring out how.”

Mckibben, like Lester Brown, does a good job of making connections of other things, like economy, to global climate change.

Now lets see where Mckibben goes from here.

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