Bones To Pick On BP and Energy Adds

An amazing factoid in the Mckibben book entitled, eaarth, is did you know that the average project costs 67% to market…amazing.

What bought this up is the BP commercials about how BP will stay in the Gulf as long as there is oil to clean up. their latest version of that add is about to make me scream…I even dream about the add now (just kidding) it has been on so much and it is an outright lie.

Another bone to pick (or should I say add to pick) is the T.V. add, on a lot on and on a multitude of channels, about taxing the energy companies should not be done and how it is a foolish idea…what tax are we talking about? They must on the add be talking about repealling the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy…anyhoo I think of the Mckibben factoid about marketing now and I shed no, I mean NO tears, for energy CEO’s at all.


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