Bill Mckibben In His New Book, eaarth, Gets To the Point: Cope

The primary point to Bill Mckibben’s new book on global climate change, eaarth, is that the eaarth, of this day, is far different than the earth you and I were born into.

Mckibben’s last chapter was entitled, Lghtly, Carefully, Gracefully, from page 151 to page 212. This chapter was how a large part of what we do needs to be adapted to live on eaarth, the new one we wake up to now and where global climate change is wreacking havoc already.

Mckibben really focused on foods…what he wrote about was how, what he calls communities, are much more productive than the huge monocultures that we have created (especially in the US).

Then Mckibben writes about our need for energy and how it will look (as Mckibben writes, and I agree we have no choice) as we cope.

Mckibben writes: ” My point throughout this book is that we will need to change to cope with the new eaarth we’ve ceated. We’ll need, chief among things, to get smaller and less centalized, to focus not on growth but on maintenance, on a controlled decline from the perilous heights to which we’ve climbed.”

So that is the point Mckibben makes and it needs to be chewed on then implemented.


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