Farmers Market Model In Santa Cruz, California…GREEEEAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!

I have been to farmers markets in Margate, Florida, Rome, Georgia, Seattle and Spokane, Washington, Anchorage, Alaska, Rockville and Bethesda Maryland, San Francisco and Santa Cruz, California, throughout Costa Rica and in 2 countries in Central Eastern Africa. The one I thought the best and the one most like the model for a climate changed world as described by Bill Mckibben in his book eaarth is the Farmer’s Market in Santa Cruz, California, or the one Mckibben describes in Middlebury, Vermont.

First off they have the market every weekend so you can plan around it. Actually they have several markets all around the city every week and you can still plan. The food looks great and they have roasted chickens, candy, bread and tacos mixed in with great looking fruit and veggie stands. local musicians played their music at the markets…I saw a lot of money change hands and a lot of happy faces. I had a great weekend afternoon at the farmers market in Santa Cruz and I am definitely not very social but I really enjoyed talking to my fellow marketeers…Mckibben, and I agree with him, says this is what the future looks like for us.


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