Climate Change, Bill Mckibbenizums That Occur To Me As I Read, eaarth, His New Book

I will call these Bill Mckibbenizms. Yes, I got these from his new book on climate change, eaarth.

I watch the news and politicians seem to smile with glee as we spend more money and the US economy grows. Mckibben says because of climate change we have to grow and adapt to the problems that are sent our way. In other words people who want us to spend want to see the US grow. The US is represented by a pie and the pie needs to grow Mckibben is simply saying we need to shape the pie to extremes that will face us.

Another opportunity that faces us is the Obama infrastructure bill… like Obama says infrastructure improvements should happen now I think while we can (barely) afford them because as Mckibben shows infrastructure will be cost prohibitive as we face climate change. Mckibben gives some examplesof how that will work.


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