More Bones To Pick

There is a lot that I want to blog about, like the bigot preacher who wants to burn Quoran’s, but that would be totally inappropriate for this blog…so what you say…well I gotta have some standards…in other words I do it for me. Here are two pertinant things I’m picking at these days….more on the press.

If anything it occurred to me that the press was mad at the Quoran burning (at least talking about it) preacher for taking away their potential for TV happenings. They seemed mad at this preacher for prospectively taking away shots they planned. There is no excuse for what this preacher wants to do but I got the impression that the press, more than even the US president, thought that talking to this preacher was below their dignity.

Maybe I am reading too much into this controversy but I already thought this preacher was nuts but the press is too important to talk to this guy, yet they contnue to talk to this guy.

I can relate this back to global warming. The press loves to report huge ice shelves breaking off of Antarctica. That same press will not report on the complexities of a complex life and death issue. They do not understand the issues and will not take the time to learn about the issues.

Another bone to pick is an add about a large polar bear that starts out with the bear (or a bear) on an ice flow. Then they show a bear down in the suburbs of anywhere USA. Then the bear is in a culvert and walking along a highway somewhere in the lower 48 states. Then the bear drinks out of a puddle somewhere and a racoon comes along and checks the wild polar bear out. After several shots of the bear down here I am thinking this is a WWF add they show the bear hugging a man and the poor bear, like a circus bear, is in a car commercial for the Nissan Leaf. I hope for our sake that the Nissan Leaf succeeds. Shame on them for making a pissy, exploitave add. The bear in the wild would take that mans scalp off easily and would never be caught alive in a human suburb.

Like the Travellor add that is in a bone to pick post above this add literally makes me sick.

I am a purist but these days the likes of me has to put up with a lot of unbelievable and unatural fantasies about wild animals.

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