Small Farms

We have written and read a lot about the roll of cars and energy in our future with the advent of the Global Warming and Energy Bill. None of that important stuff matters if we do not feed ourselves or figure out drinking (a must if we are to survive).

Bill Mckibben endorsed a return back to small scale farming and farmers markets in the age, upon us, of global warming. I concur with Mckibben’s view…my concern is that we have reached a global climate change tipping point on some fronts of global climate change. I hope I am wrong, but what are they?

So our survivability is a “worse case” and that case is well wrapped up in tipping points, all conjecture at this time, so I will talk about small farms.

I know of a farm that is 13 acres, had 7 crops on it and employed 20 pesrons to get the goods to a market, a market that does not feature processed foods.

Mckibbenizms occur to me as I reread his thoughts about farming…I am aware of Mckibben’s background and I know he is not a farmer (that can be good and bad) :

– Use no pesticides (means a lot of weeding, much more than we do now).

– Adapt the farm to the constraints of global climate change, not to growth.

As I reread Mckibbenizms about farming what occurs to me is this.

-I am from an area where water is a limiting factor and much has been written about dry-land farming and this will be important, especially in soil development.

Dust off your dryland farming books if we move into the age of global warming. This will be the issue of the day around here soon!!!!


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