9/11, Where Were You

Well I am listoning to the horrors, blow for blow, of 9/11 while I write this post and I can say for sure that today I will not focus my entire writing on global warming or anything a naturalist might write. I am thinking about our fellow cohorts in the places wher 9/11 crashes and fopaws occured.

I remember the day perfectly. I spent the morning awaiting an electrician at a nature center I ran in Palm Beach County of Southern Florida. The electrician showed up late and asked me if I had heard about the planes crashing into the world trade center. I walked down to a resturant (sports bar) to watch the events on their TV. There was crowds around the bar’s TV and all the folks were riveted to these TV’s watching 9/11 events on those TVs. I recall that there were no boats out on the water that morning, which is highly unusual. There I was right on the ocean in South Florida but my heart, and the boat captains and drivers were horrifically on the Trade Towers, the Pentagon and a field in Western Pennsalvania where my fellow citizens, all innocents, gave their lives…SAD, SAD, SAD!!!!


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