Another Bone To Pick At

They just showed bass fishing and a guy who hoisted in bass impaitiently. The fisherman was decked out in a very colorful jacket and a car that looked like a racing car, a colorful Nascar. The guy who is wearing a colorful jacket pulls up the car and he pulls out 2 largemouth bass to show off, on a chain.

I have largemouth bass fished a lot and never in a colorful jacket with a car that looks like it is from Nascar. I do not associate any fishing with brite colors and racing cars.

I remember either being in camos or wearing shorts that were forest green or beige, waders of brown or green and lots of mud…no colors and no racing. It was a quiet affair, primarily.

I went bass fishing by foot, Honda Civic Wagon or Subaru stationwagon…sometimes in an old motor boat, with fishing seats and trolling motor, and at times I fished along the shoreline and at times from a dock.

I cant think of anybody I new who associated any fishing with colorful jackets, Nascar and impatient hoisting…it just is not fishing.


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