What We Need To Do In A Climate Changing World

We need to pass cap and trade and a decent energy policy soon…and we need to stop all dirty fuel use by 2025…Hybrid cars like the Nissan Leaf (costwise) need to be out there for the consumer. Thats reasonable.

Of coarse we have to have workplace incentives to use mass transportation and the mass transportation that is out there must be improved and cleaned. The mechanizms are there to do so now.

We need to use green energy in our use of non transportation energy. The no how to do so is out there now.

We need to implement Mckibben-like farmers markets…the ones in Santa Cruz, California are excelent models on this.

Al Gore and Bill Clinton both say we need to rebuild our grid with clean energy and smart improvements…talk about fixing up our infra-structure, here it is, advocated by two very smart men.

Whats missing is our political will to do what can be done and thus will has to happen before we have a disastor to make this political will happen.


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