Huge Bone To Pick About Brown Bears

This was a huge waste of the lots of money Mcdonalds has.

There was an add where a yearling brown bear gets his report card and in it he is top of the class. His brown bear father says that is great and lets go get something to eat to celebrate…the yearling male agrees. They go along a road and jump a car load of young men who have some McDonald meals to go in bags. Then the add shows the two brown bears raiding the meals from the young men and car. A fry is left over in the car and the father bear shakes the car for the last fry which he gets. This is an add that shows bears as yogi-like beggars, and the add goes completly against everything that bears are not supposed to do but we fantasize and stereotype bear’s doing. Nevertheless this ad made me over-the-top-top furious. Brown bears were depicted like the animated Yogi, nuthing like bear behave naturally. Maybe I am reading to much into this add, but with all of the bucks McDonalds has they have a lot of choices in the adds they can make and they do not have to do adds about beggar bears.

I thought about it and I do not think I have yet to see a decent add with a bear in it…never. Now that is real bad.


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