Old Grizzly Bear Issues Relived

I opened the front page of the Bozeman Chronicle and read an article entitled, Grizzly Bear Attacks Archer.

Two things occur to me: The USDA FS said to us, grizzly bears did not occur in the Gravelly Mountains (I was one of 3 persons she told this to) and we saw grizzly bear tracks and scat in the Gravelly Mountains the same day we talked to the FS biologist. We were told by the same USDA biologist that the grizzly bear over their was probably a short term visitor to the Gravelly Range. What was interesting to me was that the same USDA FS biologist had no experiance at all working with grizzly bears and she told this to a grizzly bear trapping crew that had over 30 years of cummulative experiance with grizzly bears. Nevertheless we trapped and radio collared a Gravelly Mountain grizz and followed him.

The other thing that occurs to me is that grizzly bear technicians and biologist practice few of the rules I have read for bowhunters in grizzly country. I watched grizzly bear technicians and biologists quietly walk through known grizzly bear bedding and feeding areas during heavy bear use hours…I also saw grizzly bear technicians and biologist quietly stalk game during active bear hours…these were lucky bear persons. I just can shake my head.

What was desperately sad at the NRDC and TreeFight talk on whitebark pine last evening was that the speakers were thrilled to see life in burnished forests…in a shortwhile, a climate changed world, so much has changed.


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