The Whitebark Pine

I did witness an interesting program on the whitebark pine this evening. NRDC and an organization called TreeFight sponsored the program on the campus of Montana State University to 103 participants. TreeFight is run by David Gonzalis and Wally Macfarlain who are fighting an uphill battle to conserve walking dead pine trees. Mcfarlain views Dr. Jesse Logan as his mentor and he views himself as an observer (of a bad thing in my opinion). Mcfarlain is a GIS expert.

This all happens on a planet that is warming a warming that is encouraging beetles to invade whitebark pine.

One of the interesting things TreeFight did was try to conserve whitebaerk pines in the Mount Leidy Highlands. What is interesting about that to me is that 24 years ago I taught a class their in the mount Leidy Highlands about oil and gas developments and the impacts on the grizzly bear, Clark’s Nutcracker and whitebark pine ecosystem.

Gonzalis and Macfarlain should spend their energy on the conservation of the grizzly or a species like the wolverine.

It was telling that a USDA FS biologist who seems to have her heart in the right place thought that the whitebark pine should not be protected as an Endangered Species…I have been down that road and hugely disagree with the USDA FS biologist. NRDC should push to list the whitebaerk it is endangered. Their (NRDC) data shows this.


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