Gulf Coast Oil Spill Disastor Summary

From the good folks at NRDC.
Today’s summary
BP’s leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico was completely sealed this week, but questions remain about the amount of oil that actually came out of it. Initially after the April 20 explosion, officials claimed that the flow could not be measured. Now we have a new independent number for the amount of oil that has spewed into the Gulf – 4.4 million barrels of oil. That is going to be painful for BP which is likely to be fined for every drop of oil that spewed into the sea. Meanwhile, claims czar Ken Feinberg says he is speeding up the claims process to pay victims faster even as claimants are considering making an end run around him to get payment. And in politics, things are getting a little tougher for the Obama administration at the hands of Sen. Mary Landrieu. She plans to block the administration’s OMB nomination unless Obama lifts the drilling moratorium.

Quotable Quote
“I am satisfying my worst critics,” said claims czar Kenneth Feinberg. “The claims are being paid. We are being drastically more generous than BP ever was in terms of the amount paid.”

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“I cannot support further action on Mr. Lew’s nomination … until I am convinced that the President and his Administration understand the detrimental impacts that the actual and de facto moratoria continue to have on the Gulf Coast, ” said Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La) in announcing plans to block Obama’s nominee to OMB.

National News Alternate way to press a claim
One month after claims czar Kenneth Feinberg took control of managing Gulf spill damage claims, many people have still not gotten a response to their claims and are turning to a little-known alternative fund that handles oil spill claims — the Coast Guard’s National Pollution Funds Center.

Read more by Sasha Chavkin

Reuters: 4.4 million barrels newest estimate of Gulf oil spill
Researchers weighed in on the controversial question of how much oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico during the BP oil spill, saying the total amount was around 4.4 million barrels. The figure represents the first independent peer-reviewed study of the worst oil spill in U.S. history and conforms closely to the most recent estimate by government scientists.

Read more from Matthew Bigg

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First peer-reviewed numbers on BP oil disaster released

And check out this one
Live Science: Gulf oil spill ten times the size of Exxon Valdez, study confirms

Press-Register: Feinberg says claims process speeding up
Oil spill claims czar Ken Feinberg said he’s “satisfying his worst critics” by speeding up his review process, pointing to a drastic jump in the number of claims paid over the weekend. As of Monday night, only 12,295 emergency claims remained under review with Feinberg’s Gulf Coast Claims Facility, down from 32,635 as of Saturday night.

Read more from Dan Murtaugh

AP: Europe ignores US experience with deepwater drilling
Europe is not taking a lesson from the Gulf oil spill. Oil-producing countries in Europe on Thursday rejected a German proposal for a moratorium on deep-water drilling in the Northeast Atlantic.

Read more from Bjoern H. Amland


Times-Picayune: Brown pelicans cleaned of oil released on an island cleaned of oil
The release of four brown pelicans and another 11 birds onto Raccoon Island on Tuesday was the first in Terrebonne Parish since May, when the Isle Dernieres barrier islands were slopped with oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill.

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Times-Picayune: La. meets with BP next week about demand for $75 million for tourism
Lt. Gov. Scott Angelle and officials of BP will meet again next week to discuss the state’s request that the oil giant come up with $75 million to promote Louisiana’s tourism and seafood industries that have been hurt by the Gulf oil spill.

Read more from Ed Anderson

Biloxi Sun Herald: Pepsi awards $1.3 million in grants to Gulf communities
Corporate money flows to the Gulf. Pepsi announced nearly 1.3 million in grants Wednesday to people and organizations committed to projects that encourage restoring the communities affected by BP’s Gulf oil spill.

Read more from Nicole Dow Oil lingering in waters off Alabama, Mississippi and Florida beaches
A good deal of oil remains in the shallow waters closest to the beaches in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, according to a federal team using shovels and snorkeling gear to survey the coastline for submerged oil. The team found tarballs washing ashore with every wave Wednesday morning in the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. And just off the beach, in about 3 feet of water, the team found bands of oil buried under 4 or 5 inches of clean sand.

Read more from Ben Raines Top scientists meet to discuss health impacts of oil spill
About 50 leading scientists gathered in Tampa Wednesday to finalize the design of the ambitious Gulf Worker Study, which expects to start enrolling subjects next month. Researchers hope to track 27,000 workers who had exposure to oil and chemical dispersants during the cleanup process. Another group of workers, who were trained but never worked in the field, will be used as a control group.Scientists will be looking at the potential health consequences of workers’ exposure to the chemicals, from immediate concerns like skin rashes to long-term effects like cancer.

Read more from Kris Hurdley


Washington Post: Landrieu plays hardball
President Obama’s pick to serve as head of the Office of Management and Budget looked headed for an easy Senate confirmation, until Thursday, when Sen. Mary Landrieu (D. La) announced she will place a hold on the nomination until the Obama administration lifts a moratorium on deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The White House quickly called for Landrieu to back down. If she holds out another week, the Senate could head into a month-long recess without confirming Lew.

Read more from Ed O’Keefe

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Politico: Landrieu blocks Obama OMB nominee


Wall Street Journal: Gulf Coast Claims Facility pays $349 million in claims in 1 month
The claims administrator paid out almost as much money in his first month of business as BP paid out during the four previous months.

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Red Orbit: Costner pitches oil cleanup plan to Congress
We haven’t heard the last from Actor Kevin Costner on his oil spill cleanup technology. He testified before Congress Thursday saying that his devices were enlisted in the cleanup but sat on barges tangled in red tape and that Congress could invest in pro-active new technologies like the one he has developed or be caught in another disaster.

Read more from Sea Turtles affected by Gulf oil spill treated at aquarium
The Clearwater Marine Aquarium received four sea turtles Thursday that were victims of the gulf oil spill. The juvenile Kemp’s ridley turtles, among the smallest sea turtles, arrived at Tampa International Airport via the Coast Guard from the Louisiana coast and were taken to the aquarium’s rehabilitation facility.

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National Geographic: ‘Sea Snot’ explosion caused by oil spill?
The Gulf of Mexico oil spill sparked an explosion of sticky clumps of organic matter that scientists call ‘sea snot’, according to ongoing research. The boom likely precipitated a sea-snot “blizzard” in Gulf waters, researchers say. And as the clumps sank, they may have temporarily wiped out the base of the food chain in the spill region by scouring all small life from the water column.

Read more from Christine Dell’Amore



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