Lul, But Climate Change As An Issue May Be At AN All New Level

On climate change we as a global society have stepped up and I wonder if we have stepped up quick enough. No ice sheets have broken off, no heat or hurricanes are out there sucking up the presses energy…its downright dull out there I hope it is not the calm before the storm. Three years ago I saw pine bark beetle damage from 5,000 feet to 10,000 feet and climate change was rearing its head every day. I have relentlessly looked at climate change impacts since then.

Two years ago you could not challenge that climate change was even happening. Now everyone seems to agree that climate change is happening..Does it have a human cause or not. That is where the debate centers. Climate change is happening. We have some measures that we can do to help mitigate the greatest challenge of our times…now lets act…


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