Birds Are Migrating Or Should I Say Trickling

I like to bird during the migration periods of fall and spring, but if you like grilling get out your grilling fork and grill while it is indian summer. It is supposed to be nice weather in the Rockies. For now the migration around here is topsy turvy with the wind and weather being the opposite of what is good for birding…so do not expect much if you are a birder. I like to blame the warm weather on global climate change but this year the weather is slightly warmer it does not seem that these anomolies can be placed at the alter of a changing climate.

The noisy Redwings are back, but each time I look the flock gets smaller. There were no redwings around here during the breeding season and the molt. The redwings will trickle out of here as most birds will…at least there is a restlessness in the air…I will watch the migration and report back to you. Last year we went from BBQ weather to coolneess and winds that pushed birds south, in the matter of a day…I still marvel at how fast things can change out in nature. Somethingis being mugged by crows nearby. I want to look. Isually its a raptor.


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