Bird Migration Comments For My Area

Fifty redwings is now a pair of redwings out behind my house. I do not have an affinity for Redwinged Blackbirds but this flock of birds definitely shows what is happening around here for birds in migration. To put that into perspective, behind where I live is an undeveloped meadow about one half of an acre and seperated from where I live by a stream and row of shrubs…this meadow borders a BMW park and a communal garden, also. These influence how birds use this meadow; so does an acre meadow across a busy street where I see birds everyday. This meadow borders an interstate and beyond that are active areas of bird migration.

Its interesting as I write this post because when birds, not the local-yocals, show up here (and they do) they are usually enroute (migrating is the usual) to somewhere…and some, like the redwings stage and then migrate if the habitat is right; sometimes a trickle and at times a flood, weather and wind are important usually.

I here a House Wren singing out behind my home bubbling from the row of shrubs out back. I brought that up because that is the first time I have heard a House Wren there. I am thinking the wren is migrating through the area.

Who cares…I do.

I have seen local-yocal birds and birds just p


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