Naysayers Need To Get Off Their High Horse When It Comes To Climate Change And Report To Deck

Unpredictable weather is increasingly the sign of our times, it is also a sign of global climate change. Here it is a day away from October 1 and Montana is averaging 20 degrees above its normal temperature, not for just 1 day, but for over 7 days and what about the heavy rain on the East Coast. We are talking about high levels of rain in fact that Coast is getting a lot of water, an Octobr 1 soaking.

I could care less if I am on the right side of the line when it comes to a warming earth but it is time for global warming naysayers to get off their high horse and tell their followers, that as far as global warming is concerned, we need all hands on deck helping and politicians need to stop blocking progress on climate change in their halls of congress.


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