More Black Bears In Town

On two different news casts they showed footage of at least 3 different black bears within Bozeman…this makes the town an exciting place to live but the bears are in town kicking over trash cans (not good) as they go into an extended feeding prior to den up…I have talked about my theories that this phenomina will only get worse as both bears lose the whitebark pine an important food source in this ecosystem. This loss is a direct result of a warming climate.

A female grizzly bear and 2 cubs of the year were in the Paradise Valley kicking over chicken coops. As the whitebark pine dies out I only see this problem as getting worse in towns like Livingston and Bozeman. A grizzly in town is far more dangerouse than a black bear in town and I see this as a direct artifact of whitebarks dieing out.m This will not happen overnight but it will happen over the next five years.


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