Is This Thinking To Much, Or Is This Reality

Some real thinkers came to Bozeman and presented a future of gloom and doom for humanity. Most of their viewpoint is based on being critical of the view of the world that is homo-centric-maybe we got this viewpoint from observing our teenagers but Alec Jeffries from England’s Liecaster University is onto a point that I agree with. Jeffries said that humanity will not survive global warming.

It is sad but Jeffries may be right, especially if we continue to show no muscle as global warming sets in. We are busy still tugging with the naysayers who do not want to even believe global warming is happening. A lot of these folks believe humanity is destined to be judged by a diety…well I for one do not want to wait, helplessly, as we find out wether that is true or not. Will we reach a tipping point for humanity…I cannot answer that, but sitting around and doing nothing is not an option for people like me…too much time to think…with species I care about, like brown bears and polar bears, we will reach a tipping point and a warming planet and environmental factors will overwhelm them soon.

There are birds I care about also, but short of catastrophe they are more mobile than species like those bears so its less clear what will happen to them, I can only say something, probably environmental forces, are working against entire suites of birds. What I saw as a pre-teen does not compare well to the birds I see today after an age of habitat encroaching problems in the neotropics and boreal forests (and more), still going on as I write this post and as global warmth pozes even newer issues for birds.

After listening to thinkers who I have the utmost respect for I decided that I too am a doom and gloom thinker when it comes to the future of humanity, but just because I think that I see no reason for us as a species to not try to do anything about changes that will come and perhaps overwhelm us.

Other thinkers included…Lynn Margules from the University of Massachusettes, Max Matthews retired from Stanford University, E.O. Wilson from Yale (one of my favorites), David Quamen from here (another favorite) and Steve Sasson from the Kodak Research Lab.

What an evening of thinkers. My head hurts.


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