Impressive Bird Observations

This bad migration has made me think about my favorite bird sitings over the years and there have been some.
1) there was a flock of Smooth-billed Anis (about 6 birds) I used to see about 4 times a week for a 2 year period, on a trail (flat) in the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Area near Boca Ratin, Florida.
2) a Green Kingfisher roosted in an oxbow, on a branch, just above a creek after we looked for this species for 10 days, near Falcon Resevoir, Texas 3) large flock of Greater Flamingos mixed with Lesser Flamingos in Meru National Park in Tanania, Africa, 4) A Great Grey Owl roosting on the camper of our Datson pickup truck in the Crazy Mountains of Montana, 5) a Prothonatary Warbler (breeding male close) from a flat “soapstone” along the C and O Canal Towpath in Maryland, 6) a breeding plumage male Blackburnian Warbler from a huge “soapstone” boulder, high in an elm in Washington, D.C. when I was 16 years of age and 7) a huge kettle of 35,000 Broad-winged Hawks swirling overhead in Hazel Basemore County Park in Corpus Christi, Texas…and I have seen many more neat sitings of birds, but I frequently think of these sitings.


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