Bird Migration Report For Bozeman, Montana

It is about as bad as a bird migration can be around here and I went up to the raptor fest anyways, at a nearby skiing area, Bridger Bowl. When it finally turns fall around here it is so nice…I ignored the growing pine bark beetle incursions, a result of climate change. The valleys had green pastures mixed with brilliant yellow turning leaves; especially in the aspens.

I looked at the board to see what was flying on the ridge above and there were some decent flights; especially 2 days ago whem 160 golden eagles flew by the viewing platform. On the board this year 422 Golden Eagles, 167 Coopers Hawks, 156 Red-tailed Hawks, 26 Northern Goshawks and 16 Peregrine Falcons, along with an assortment of other raptors were counted to this date as they passed through the viewing area; better than what I am seeing but still sluggish for a migation…


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