Low Year For Wild Bear Foods-Gross Understatement

Is it just me, or what. I have now read 5 quotes by Yellowstone area wildlife biologists in response to grizzly bear maulings of humans they have contended that these maulings are more prevelent this year because the bear’s natural foods are in short supply this year…give me a break I have seen in photo and on the ground entire stands of whitebark pine ravaged, decimated by pine beetles. That may be the end of an entire critical fall (hyperfagia), (protenacious) food in the Yellowstone Ecosystem for the grizzly bear. I think around here the grizzlies food is in short supply forever and the grizzly as a result will have more conflicts in our area…short supply for wild foods I would say the grizzly of Yellowstone over a 20 year period (a guess about periodicity) is in deep trouble and a major wild food for this sub population of bears will be gone forever and the non plasticity of the Yellowstone Grizzly will relegate the bear to artifact status and these biologists who do nothing will continue to do nothing as wild bear foods disappear.


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