The Bears In Town

In todays Bozeman Chronicle is a front page article entitled, Bad News Bears. In the article it writes about black bears in the town of Bozeman, Montana. They come into town to eat garbage during the fall. This happens every fall here. Yet as a major food source in the Yellowstone Ecosystem dies out, a result of pine beetles that are a result of a warming climate, whitebark pine, bears will become more problematic and possibly grizzly bears will come in looking for food in towns like Bozeman, Montana where they will be viewed as a threat and management killed. Will grizzlies in this area reach their “tipping point”, I say they will just as the whitebark pine has already reached a “tipping point” around here, probably in the last 2 years. Grizzlies could functionally become extinct this may happen over a ten year period but it is a very likely to happen. We might get huge wild fires and this might displace bears of this area to other areas the bears are unfamiliar with and the bears again will become management kills. This will happen to both species of bear. None of this will happen within the next year or so but this will happen over a five year period and bears will recieve the worst of this.


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