Bird Migration Report For 2010 The Bozeman, Montana Area

Not much of a fall 2010 bird migration in Bozeman, Montana. Went with a group over to the Ennis Lake Important Bird Area to do a census. I like Ennis Lake as a birding area around here. The highlite of our trip was an observation of a Northern Shrike and 1 of several thousand coots that was an albino.

At least 7 Bald Eagles were sighted and 8 Trumpeter Swans were seen. Waterfowl included huge rafts of American Coot. Lesser Scaup, Bufflehead and Redheaded duck were seen. Sandhill Cranes were still here.

Driving home I saw 2 Golden Eagles in a canyon called the Beartrap Canyon this is even closer to Bozeman’ Montana.. I saw the 2 eagles but these birds were not included in our count.

Finally a decent day for bird migration (the Fall) around here. I have no complaints and yes I do think global climate change is impacting migratory behavior,for example warm weather in this area has allowed species like the American Robin to stay around here after that species should already be migrating to the south.


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