Some Bird Migrations Are Off This Fall

I had a bad bird migration for this part of Bozeman, Montana…I suspect this warm weather turns off the bird migration; it is more like a trickle. I heard and saw birds early this year, but I had no idea I was looking at migration. There is a ridge nearby that features raptor migrations I do look forward to their final report for comparisons. This migration seems earlier than usual. I have been through enough migrations to know that migrations can have weird artifacts, usually warm days or winds, that can effect the migration.

However now I have seen two other examples of bad bird migrations and I have heared of at least one other. In all the cases I have heard anecdotes of birds suites that usually show up not showing up…I have seen this in the wild enough to know I cannot say that bad bird migrations are a result of a changing climate, but I am begining to suspect climate.


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